Remote Team Productivity Checklist

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Productivity is the biggest concern when it comes to remote work. As Managers can no longer keep a check on their employees by staying on top of their desks. However, with right tools, workflows, and communication guidelines in place, managers can easily ensure the productivity of their remote teams.

Download our free template to manage your remote teams so that you can accomplish your company goals, ensure your remote team has clarity on their tasks, and are engaged and productive to be successful in their jobs.

Our template will help you

Maximize productivity of your remote team by making them feel connected with your organization

Ease the transition of remote work with an organized approach

Streamline workflows by implementing the right tools for the job

Enhance company culture

Make your remote team accountable by regularly monitoring their process

Frequently Asked Questions

It's completely free. Download our template and start managing your remote team efficiently.

Project management tools like slack, asana, jira. Collaboration tools like zoom, troop messenger, GotoMeeting. Cloud Storage Services like Dropbox, Google Drive. Productivity tools like Krisp, blink, Todoist.

Set clear expectations, establish proper communication, Follow up regularly, create a remote work policy, implement productivity management tools, and give regular feedback.

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