Frequently Asked Questions

KloudLearn offers free Email and Phone support for all subscription plans. You can issue a support request directly within your KloudLearn portal or the KloudLearn website for any assistance.

No, you do not need a credit card to create your KloudLearn account. The Free plan does not have a time limit either.

Yes, KloudLearn offers product training tailored to your organizational needs and requirements. The training will be delivered remotely by one of our trainers using screen sharing software.

No, we do not have cancellation charges at KloudLearn and there are no data lock-ins as well. You are free to cancel your account anytime.

We encourage you to request a demo to determine if KloudLearn is the right fit for your organization. Once we identify your needs, we'd be happy to provide access to a trial account where we can help you configure your proof of concept.