LMS Types

Cloud-based LMS
A cloud-based LMS allows you to access and use the LMS without installing any software or hardware on your system. Users will simply need to login into their web portal to gain access to the LMS and its training content.

On-premise LMS
The On-premise LMS is built and installed to the specifications of the organizations on a physical server of their choice. The on-premise installation ensures the security of the user as well as corporate data compared to a cloud-based LMS, where the vendor is responsible for service and support; the entire LMS platform, its security, content, necessary upgrades- all are the responsibility of an organization’s internal IT department. However, the only downside is the additional costs associated with setup and maintenance.

Open-source LMS
An Open Source LMS is an eLearning platform that allows you to access and modify the code. For setting up, installing, customizing, and maintaining the LMS, you will need a dedicated IT team. Most Open Source Learning Management Systems don’t have any licensing costs but there are significant hidden costs that are associated with setup and maintenance.

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