KloudLearn LMS

KloudLearn provides a powerful LMS for employee onboarding, training and continuous development.

KloudLearn is a full fledged, modern LMS that helps you deliver effective training in a remote-first world


Full scorm compliance together with support for SCORM 2004 and Xapi together with integrated analytics enables you to buy and implement courses from third parties.


Real time analytics provides clear insight into how your users, courses, groups are performing within the organization... Learn More

Mobile Experience

Offer your a seamless learning experience across iOS / Android mobile applications

Rich Course Authoring Software

KloudLearn provides rich course authoring software enabling your L&D teams to easily author rich courses... Learn More

Find the perfect plan for your Training needs

Social Learning

Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing. Create a culture of continuous learning and improvement across your organization.

Live Training and
automated recording with
Zoom Integration

KloudLearn integrates with zoom to provide seamless live classes, automated meeting recording and virtual Instructor-Led Training.

Gamify your training with Points, Badges and Certificates.

Use Gamification to provide immediate feedback, improve learner engagement and boost overall training participation across your enterprise.

Take your Enterprise Training to
the next level

See how KloudLearn’s LMS help you deliver engaging and impactful enterprise
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