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FAQ about our
Content Library.

The KloudLearn content library is a curated list of content that is available from the best free sources on the internet. While much of the content is free, we also integrate with some paid partners to provide high quality syndicated feed of content.
Here are some frequently asked questions summarized for you

What kind of topics do you provide content for?

The KloudLearn Content library provides content for a vast variety of topics including general management, leadership, technology skills, sales leadership and marketing - to name a few.

How much content exists in the KloudLearn library?

Our curated list consists of millions of individual learning assets and this list continues to grow each month.

How do we access the content?

At this moment of time, content is being setup based on individual organization needs at the time of its onboarding.

Can we edit / modify this content and upload our own content?

Yes. You can edit these courses (after making a copy) to suit your needs. You are also welcome to upload any other type of content.

What are the formats of content library?

Content formats are diverse. They vary between website links, pdf files, videos, youtube embeds, office documents and skill assesment quizzes.

  • Roles and Skill Mapping

    All content that we curate is automatically mapped to roles and skills

  • Thousands of Topics

    Content is available for thousands of topics - examples include general management, employee growth, harrasement, anti-bullying etc are all a part of our library

  • Automated addition of skills and effort spent to user profiles

    Skills and points get added to user profiles when users mark it as completed.

  • Points based reward system

    In addition to real-world skill mapping, all content have points assigned representing the effort involved. We've worked with educational thought leaders in building this point system that accurately represents learning effort

Our content library is an effort that comes from our core beliefs - that setting up training should be effortless and simple

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We started training on Cybersecurity, on the same day we signed up. We could not have done that without the content library.

Mohan Babu

KloudLearn's content library provides instant ROI for our L&D Investment.

Michael Steiber

I love the fact that there are so many diverse topics available. This is definitely better most paid content out there.

Shelly Palmer
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