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KloudLearn LMS offers an all-in-one learning solution to create, deliver, and manage training programs. From employee onboarding to upskilling, KloudLearn helps you create interactive courses in minutes and deliver top-notch learning experiences to your learners.

Built-in Authoring toolReady-made coursesIntuitive user interfaceCreate new courses in a few clicks
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Why Our Customers Love Us

Effective Enterprise Training is the cornerstone of improving business performance. We are delighted that KloudLearn has made this a reality for our customers. With our Next-Generation Learning platform, your teams can stay one step ahead in their enterprise training journey.


KloudLearn is a full fledged, modern LMS with many LXP features

You can now create, launch, track and report for any type of employee training in one centralized platform with our easy to use Learning Management System.
Simple & fast user onboarding
Instant insights
Compliance Management
Mobile Friendly
Robust & in-depth analytics
Social Learning
Real-time progress tracking
Custom course builder

Deliver Great Learning Experience Across
Every Segment Of Your Business


Equip your sales team with razor-sharp skills to nurture clients, close more deals, and drive revenue.


Make your new hires hit the ground running and stay productive from day one.


Eliminate compliance risks by keeping your workforce up-to-date with evolving laws.

Employee Training

Scale your teams, reduce turnover, and drive business growth by keeping your workforce in the flow of continuous learning.

Why our Customers love KloudLearn

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