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Why Our Customers Love Us

Effective Enterprise Training is the cornerstone of improving business performance. We are delighted that KloudLearn has made this a reality for our customers. With our Next-Generation Learning platform, your teams can stay one step ahead in their enterprise training journey.

KloudLearn Key Features

Zoom Integration

Integrate with Zoom to set up webinars and virtual training sessions.

Course Authoring & Content Library

Get free access to thousands of courses. Build engaging content with our Built-in authoring tools.


Boost learner engagement with points, badges and certificates.


Identify skill gaps & track employees’ progress.

Reporting Suite

Monitor learner progress and course completion rates.

Admin Tools

Effortlessly create manage and track Training Progress

Why KloudLearn is the leading LMS & LXP for in the market?

KloudLearn is the only free full-featured LMS and LXP that is free for up to 100 users. We help you get instant access to over 100,000 built-in training assets curated by experts for no additional cost. This makes KloudLearn LMS the best choice for upskilling and reskilling your workforce.

KloudLearn is a full fledged, modern LMS with many LXP features

You can now create, launch, track and report for any type of employee training in one centralized platform with our easy to use Learning Management System.
Simple & fast user onboarding
Instant insights
Compliance Management
Mobile Friendly
Robust, in-depth analytics
Social Learning
Real-time progress tracking
Custom course builder

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Take your Corporate Training to
the next level

See how KloudLearn’s LMS portal can help transform your enterprise
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Take your Enterprise Training to
the next level

See how KloudLearn’s LMS help you deliver engaging and impactful enterprise
training. Get free Access for Upto 100 Users