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KloudLearn Key
Features & Benefits

  • Train new hires effectively, automate your training, and optimize your onboarding process. Utilize quick and efficient onboarding to reduce attrition rates and improve employee satisfaction.

  • KloudLearn LMS enables a consistent and smooth onboarding process making your new hires start quickly and strongly. This makes your employees confident and willing to get their jobs done.

  • Whether you are installing a new ITSM tool, CRM, implementing new sales analytics, or introducing a new business process, an LMS simplifies learning across different departments of your organization.

  • KloudLearn LMS enables your organization to manage your employees by making teams. You can easily stay on top of your learning progress with team-based reporting and analytics, especially in cross-functional teams.

  • Serve the standardized training material across all boards with KloudLearn’s centrally managed eLearning content for your workforce.

  • Effectively Train your customers, thereby improving your product adoption rates and reducing churn. You can also provide ongoing training and support to your partners, vendors, and resellers. This extended enterprise training will help improve overall revenue and your NPS score.

  • KloudLearn renews your business growth and revenue by transforming your customers and partners into brand champions. This not only enhances customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty but also minimizes service calls and boost upselling by offering a platform for marketing other products and services.

  • KloudLearn facilitates your team with freedom of learning by making the LMS available on Android and iOS applications. Offer your workforce a continuous learning experience. This will help you make learning accessible anywhere and at any time. Additionally, KloudLearn’s blended learning modules enable you to conduct Virtual Instructor-Led Training Sessions for your remote workforce.

  • Choose from a vast collection of custom content in the KloudLearn Content Library to improve the workforce’s skills. Offer interactive video-based courses in areas such as Cyber Security, DevSecOps, I.T. Skills, AI/ML, and more.

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