KloudLearn for Financial

An Effective and secure Learning Management System for Banking and Financial
Services Institutions (BFSI)

KloudLearn Key
features & Benefits
for Financial Services

  • A good onboarding programme has several benefits such as improving employee satisfaction, reducing attrition and promoting a better company culture.

  • Enhance your overall employee onboarding experience via Gamification, Interactive Content, and Social Learning. Standardize your onboarding process and decreased time to productivity thereby improve business performance.
  • A well trained sales team builds a better influence on your customers. KloudLearn will help you offer standarized high quality training, giving your enterprise a competitive edge in the industry.

  • Sales professionals working in the Finance sector need a combination of steady information, up to date product knowledge to successfully close deals.

  • Informed sales professionals always present higher closing rates compared to their lesser equipped peers. KloudLearn’s mobile LMS platform will allow your finance sales professionals to access critical information when they need it the most usually before or even during a important sales meeting.
  • Automate user and training management across multiple business units. Capture your audit trails which are entirely compliant with regulatory compliance requirements.

  • KloudLearn helps you create competency skills, map them to external certifications and generate timely reports to maintain their validity.

  • This allows administrators to set time constraints to training modules which encourages all employees to complete their allotted compliance training.

  • The breach of completion of any of the modules by a specific learner or organization group is intimated to their Line Managers through automatic Email Notifications.
  • Centralize and manage all your training content into a single learning platform equipped to maintain consistency and comply with compliance requirements.

  • KloudLearn’s built in content library will also help you offer interactive training courses on topics such as financial planning, wealth creation, investment management etc. These curated topics are available via high quality off-the-shelf eLearning courses.
  • Configure KloudLearn to the requirements and security policy of your organization. KloudLearn guarantees the security of your content, employee information, and other confidential company data. All data is transferred via HTTPS and keyed with a private certificate. Data is also encrypted along with strict authentication and application security, and updates that occur with little to no impact on your users.
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