How do you create E-Learning Content

This article will help you understand what it takes to start creating e-learning content.

In the early days, e-learning courses were typically custom applications that were built for specific use cases.

Creating E-Learning content is much more easier and accessible now. E-Learning content is typically built as a part of learning platforms also called learning management platforms (LMS).

Today, E-Learning content is built using well known standards such as SCORM / AICC using learning platforms like KloudLearn.

Typically most tools provide a course authoring tool, ability to add various content and more.

If you're new to E-Learning and wanted to start building e-learning content, here's how would you go about doing it

  • Start by identifying the specific goals of the course as well as specific skills that need to be learnt by learners
  • The next step is to identify whether you need to create content or going to use existing available content. Content can be of different types. Videos, presentations, documents etc are all acceptable types of content.
  • The next step is to understand how you will evaluate the learner and what consitutes completing the course. This typically means that the learner undergoes an evaluation that has Quiz, some questions and more.
  • The next step really is to use the platform and stitch all of this together. Start by uploading / adding the content and then creating the course. Add the evaluation mechanisms in the next step, the completion criteria and subsequently assign it to Learners who are required to take up the course.

How can KloudLearn help?

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E-Learning Resources

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