Yes, Many organizations have content that needs to be brought onto Kloudlearn LMS. That is why Kloudlearn is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compatible. You can easily access SCORM courses by importing from third-party content libraries. Furthermore, training content from other SCORM-compliant LMS solutions can be effortlessly migrated into KloudLearn LMS.

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KloudLearn fully integrates with Zoom to allow learners access to online meetings through their learning platform. KloudLearn's Zoom integration lets administrators easily set up meetings in KloudLearn, so when a learner clicks on a button in KloudLearn, it takes them to their virtual Zoom meeting.

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Kloudlearn has a set of pre-built reports and analytics tools that help you track and measure the impact of your training program. You can quickly gain actionable insights by analyzing training performance at the course level and individual learner level. KloudLearn’s inbuilt reporting functionality can help Learning and Development professionals convert their LMS raw data into meaningful and actionable insights to craft effective enterprise training strategies. You can also get access to the learning data for your reporting and dashboard tools. The canned reporting encompasses reports of the learning patterns for better understanding the learner activity, learning patterns, training content quality, and a comprehensive learner progress report.

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Yes. You can import SCORM and xAPI or Tincan files and automatically create Training Courses from existing PDF or PPT files.

No, there is no need for an external content authoring tool. Kloudlearn comes with a built-in content authoring tool that helps you create interactive training courses with ease. With KloudLearn LMS, you can create rich training content containing high-quality images, videos, and much more. You can customize your training content by leveraging multimedia elements to cater to unique learning styles like microlearning, scenario-based learning, and much more.

Yes. KloudLearn supports Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication via SAML 2.0 and Okta. KloudLearn’s SSO feature simplifies the entire process of logging in to applications and accessing Training Courses. Your learners can switch between different IT Platforms and portals seamlessly and access their training content consistently. This helps provide learners with an intuitive user experience while improving organization-wide security.

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Absolutely. You can reward your employees by enabling them to earn badges, certificates and showcase them on their profiles. Badges and Certificates can be achieved by completing training courses or attending events. You can give feedback, track learner progress, and enhance learner participation by awarding points for completing training courses and other online training activities. KloudLearn LMS also enables you to create custom certificates with ease and award them to learners to complete courses, compliance scenarios & more.

Yes. KloudLearn LMS enables you to quiz and assess your learner’s performance qualitatively and quantitatively, leveraging various question formats.
KloudLearn supports multiple types of questions – MCQs, Video Response Questions, and Text Questions, and more.
KloudLearn’s powerful quiz creation tool assists the administrator in creating the assessments quickly.

Yes. We support live instructor-led training and webinar-based training with our Virtual Instructor-Led training module. Kloudlearn training event management comes with flexible enrollment management, calendar integrations and integrates with popular web conferencing tools like Zoom to host webinars and online training events. Kloudlearn supports email and system notifications for event communication (registration, changes, etc.). .

Yes. KloudLearn offers both Android and iOS mobile applications. With KloudLearn’s Mobile app, you can offer your workforce a seamless learning experience by enabling learning on the go. KloudLearn allows your learners to learn what they want at their own pace anytime and anywhere. You can also improve course completion rates by enabling your learners to receive notifications and reminders on their KloudLearn mobile app. You can download the KloudLearn Mobile apps from the App Store and Google Play Store.

KloudLearn’s RBAC - Role-Based Access Control Provide admins with privileges to monitor the access by user role. KloudLearn helps you differentiate between learners, administrators, instructors, and other users based on roles and responsibilities.

Social collaboration is supported in KloudLearn through the activity feed, which is designed to look similar to popular social media. Employees can see the activity of their coworkers, create content, share content, like, and give feedback on content. Furthermore, you can also generate discussion boards around specific training courses, improving learner engagement and overall training participation.