Frequently Asked Questions

Employee onboarding is a process where new hires are introduced and integrated into the company’s culture and environment, and values. This process has become more critical to employers in recent years as it is the first interaction an employee makes with the organization after they get hired.

An onboarding plan is intended to focus on making a new hire familiar with an organization's overall goals and support them as they get started with their projects to accomplish targets. You can begin by Scheduling a 1:1 meeting with your new hires, Sending an informative welcome email, Giving a brief about your company’s culture and values, providing them with a work area set up, Giving them clear goals and expectations, Scheduling regular meetings to get them off the ground faster

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Employee onboarding is important because it adjusts employees to their role and the company's ideologies, as well as what the business has to offer.

Some of the common mistakes during the onboarding process are lack of proper organization, failure to communicate effectively, lack of digital intake process, failure to have onboarding and pre-boarding experience in place, failing to provide clear goals and expectations to your new hires, and failing to follow up

Conduct an official HR onboarding meeting with new hires in order to explain details about the benefits of enrollment, company holidays and leave policies, company structure, departments, work culture, and analysis of your organization's vision, mission and principles.

Well it's your first opportunity to make an incredible first impression with the new employee joining the team. They get a fresh start looking at your culture, your values and how roles and responsibilities are structured and its the time to evaluate that they made the right decision by choosing your company as their career.