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KloudLearn is a Next-Generation Autonomous Learning Platform. Deliver impactful enterprise training with a simple, intuitive, and powerful Learning Management System.

Four Principles To Drive High Engagement Learning


Offer customised training plans that Improve learner engagement.


Enable learners to pick up knowledge assets that are pertinent to their jobs.


Learning outcomes can be transparently tracked, credentialed, managed and monitored to deliver ongoing value to employer and employee.


Enables the organic and planned formation of teams and cohorts of learners who are jointly involved in developing new skills and capabilities.

Educating The Next Generation

Of Leaders

It’s time to move beyond traditional approaches to executive education. To successfully meet the challenges of today’s business world, organizations and the individuals who steer them should take more advantage of online learning resources and networking opportunities.

-Prof Mihnea Moldoveanu and Prof Das Narayandas, Harvard Business School

Platform Features

Course Authoring

Create interactive and customised training courses


Increase learner engagement and motivation through Points, Badges, and Certificates.

Social Learning

Promote knowledge transfer through collaboration tools like the group feed, learner content ratings, and more

Zoom Integration

KloudLearn's seamless integration with Zoom enables you to deliver online training sessions.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insight into training impact with pre-built reports and dashboards

Mobile Learning

KloudLearn Mobile App is optimized to deliver a seamless learning experience.

Find the perfect plan for
your Training needs

Get started with KloudLearn’s Next-Generation Autonomous Learning Platform for free, and upgrade as you grow.


Start with certain key features and upgrade as your business grows.

Proactive Support

Tailored support with a designated account manager and a customer success team.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees, pay for only what you need.

Our Partners

We saw a 200% increase in user engagement, course completion and learning outcomes after we started using KloudLearn.

Major Global Tech Leader

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